Marina Hofman won first prize in the Christian Growth category for her book: “Women in the Bible Small Group Bible Study” (Castle Quay Books) Marina Hofman (PhD) is an award-winning scholar with fresh insights and an engaging style. Marina teaches at Palm Beach Atlantic University and is published in biblical studies, theology, psychology, trauma, education, ministry, and ethics, and co-owns a publishing company.

As a survivor of a life-threatening trauma, Marina is passionate about sharing her incredible testimony of God’s redemption and healing and the hope she has in Christ. Marina is a homeschool mom and regular media guest.

How and why did you begin your writing journey? My first publication occurred in a poetry anthology at the age of 12 and then a report for World Vision Canada at age of 18. I have always loved writing and took a keen interest in stories.

My takeaway after reading your book is that God can use any woman in any circumstance when she puts God first in her life. What led up to the writing of this book? I suffered severe trauma from a car crash several years ago. My long road to recovery and the need to redefine my identity led me to re-examine the stories of women in the Bible as I searched for positive role models and insight into suffering. I was profoundly impacted by the journeys of women in the Bible and how they faced challenges like we face today. They overcame every challenge and limitation to do great things for God. I collected these insights in a Bible study form to share these profound reflections with other women and inspire them with stories that had transformed my own life.

Congratulations, Marina! I know that your writing will inspire many, as I was, in reading your book.

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Last year in the Children's library, I was seeking a novel that a teacher could use for a novel study in her classroom. We considered all kinds of genres and titles, but I kept coming up short. It seemed that the books I found were never a "just right fit" for her classroom. It's not always easy to find a meaningful story with Christian values and Canadian content. Then, last Christmas, I happened to remember an unpublished novel I'd written and placed on my backburner

and forgotten about. It turned out to be an excellent fit for her class, and they enjoyed the characters, their struggles and learning a little about Canadian history.

That got me thinking about Canadian, Christian publishers, Christian book markets here in Canada, and ways to promote new authors. About that same time, I met Eleanor Rushton on a day trip to Vancouver to see the Van Gogh exhibition. She is a friend of a friend, and it turns out a writer too! After reading her story, I approached her to see if she'd like to add her story to my store. There are so many authors out there who have books that are worth the read. Soon, I hope to help others to share their stories with children.

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