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Book Formatting

Mary Jane Humes is taking book formatting to a whole new level. When your words are edited, proofread, and ready to go, Mary Jane is available to writers who need help creating a presentable file for publishers.

My husband and I live in eastern Pennsylvania. Currently, I work as a home health caregiver. I also operate an Airbnb with my husband, which is a seasonal job. This was made possible because our AirBnBis close to Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg, America’s largest free-admission theme park.

Why did you decide to start writing?

I began writing 30-day Bible study devotionals that are targeted for women after I started teaching Sunday school. My helper was a lady in her late sixties who wanted to be in my class since she did not know simple Bible stories. First, I taught the life of David to my 10- to 12-year-olds and my adult helper. Not only did I want to teach the Bible in a livelier manner, but I also wanted to take the events from King David’s life and make practical, present-day applications with the information for my students. Part of my teaching was encouraging my students to practice personal Bible reading and prayer daily.

After we finished David, I taught the same group of students the Book of Esther using a similar method. My best student was my adult helper. I realised that there were many other ladies who, like my helper, neither knew Bible stories or didn’t understand the lessons God was teaching. Since I created all my teaching material, I realised I had the makings for a book. So, I outlined my lessons and converted them into a month-long devotional. “David’s Faith” was my first book, and “Esther’s Faith” my second.

I have devotionals published on David, Esther, Joseph, Abraham, and a free 8-day devotional on Naaman (based on 2 Kings 5). The e-version is totally free. (link below)

What sparked your interest in book formatting?

In my opinion, the most important part of a published book is that it has been professionally edited. Editing is more important than formatting. If you have a friend or family member read and make corrections to your book, that is a great first start. Then, when you are satisfied and think your book is ready to meet the world, hire a professional, objective editor who edits books in your genre. Formatting a book is necessary (And makes it look great!). Still, it does not undo grammatical mistakes, poor sentence construction, weak character/plot development, misspelt words, repeating ideas, poor research, and a host of other writing problems. As good as AI grammar programs such as Pro Writing Aid and Grammarly are, you still need a human editor for that subtle but vitally important personal touch since humans, not machines, will buy and read your books.

What is the average price for a 35,000-word book to be formatted?

At this point, to format a 35,000-word book, I charge $100 for each format. I offer two formats: PDF (for paperback books) and E-pub (for the e-book version). I can also offer a .docx if requested. When I return the files to the author, they can immediately take them and upload them to the publisher of their choice. (excluding picture books at this time).

Thank you for reading about me. I hope that you will pick up your free copy of Naaman’s Faith at:

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