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Golden Tuesday

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Last year in the Children's library, I was seeking a novel that a teacher could use for a novel study in her classroom. We considered all kinds of genres and titles, but I kept coming up short. It seemed that the books I found were never a "just right fit" for her classroom. It's not always easy to find a meaningful story with Christian values and Canadian content. Then, last Christmas, I happened to remember an unpublished novel I'd written and placed on my backburner

and forgotten about. It turned out to be an excellent fit for her class, and they enjoyed the characters, their struggles and learning a little about Canadian history.

That got me thinking about Canadian, Christian publishers, Christian book markets here in Canada, and ways to promote new authors. About that same time, I met Eleanor Rushton on a day trip to Vancouver to see the Van Gogh exhibition. She is a friend of a friend, and it turns out a writer too! After reading her story, I approached her to see if she'd like to add her story to my store. There are so many authors out there who have books that are worth the read. Soon, I hope to help others to share their stories with children.

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