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Jean Matthew Hall & Starlight Magazine - The New Star on the Horizon

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

This month I’d like to introduce you to a children’s author from Kentucky. Jean Matthew Hall has a lifetime of teaching experience, with children, teens, and women's Bible studies. With articles and poems published in a range of periodicals and anthologies, including a Chicken Soup edition, Jean loves to write encouraging children's stories that celebrate God's creation, his unconditional love, and the beauty in each season.

God’s Blessings of Fall is Jean’s first book in her beautiful Blessings Series of four picture books about the seasons. Published by Little Lamb Books (September 26, 2019) Grades K-4, ages, 4-8 years. ISBN 101733282807

ISBN 13978-1733282802

Jean’s recent endeavour is Starlight Magazine, an online literary magazine for ages 5-10. This promises to have fun, action, excitement, action, and humour, from a Christian perspective. You can register here.

Jean has a passion for children and for sharing God’s love. Recently I asked her a few questions about her writing journey and where it’s headed now.

"Tell us more about yourself."

I have been a Christian for more than 50 years. During that time. I've served as a house parent in a home for children removed from their families by state authorities, taught Sunday School for children and adult women, worked in women's ministries at my church, taught in Christian schools, and been an elementary school principal in a Christian school. After I retired. I started learning how to write picture books and board books. Of course, along the way I learned all sorts of things about writing for publication--mainly that it is hard work and takes a thick skin!

"What inspired my books?"

God's Blessings of Fall was initially inspired while watching my five-year-old grandson playing in piles of leaves. He was wrapped up in a brown jacket and a big, fluffy knit hat. He played with such delight and abandon that I had to capture that emotion in words. I hope the lyric words of this book does that for children and adults. My publisher asked me to follow up by writing books on the other three seasons. With the help of writing pals who critiqued the manuscripts again and again, I was able to do that in record time. Writing isn't really a lone-wolf experience.

"What do I want children to take away from my words?"

I pray that they will hear, and fall in love with, beautiful language. It is one of God's greatest gifts to us human beings. I also hope the books and StarLight Magazine will inspire them to get outside and relish the natural world that God created for us to enjoy. Lastly, I pray they will understand the truth of God's love, and feel loved by Him and His Son, Jesus. I know that's a lot, but God has promised me He will use my words in His ways and times for His glory. That pleases me.

Visit Jean at and on Facebook at Jean Matthew Hall Author and StarLight Magazine.

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