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Tendo Update - Little girl who was bitten by a snake

Tendo is now out of the hospital and home again. Thank you to all who prayed for her. Although her hospital treatment was costly, we managed to fund some of this from Canada. The rest was a community effort from the village in Mityana District, where the orphanage is located.

We are progressing towards approving Sharing Ministries Uganda as a charitable organisation recognised by the Canadian Government. This is very exciting because then we can do some serious fundraising so that the children will be provided for.

One of the problems we are noticing is the many health emergencies that arise, like Tendo's snake bite, a little boy named Clever and his infected eyes, and malaria, for which the children need medical help. Unfortunately, these illnesses affect the ability of our group to provide the basics of food, clothing and education. But we know that God is faithful and loves each of these precious children and the young adults who come alongside them with their limited resources.

Please Pray for the children at Sharing Ministries Uganda.

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