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Updated: Oct 10, 2023

An Interview with Yvonne M Morgan

Yvonne is a Lady after my own heart! She is passionate about using her writing to bless others and inspire them to follow the Lord. She shares stories of trusting in God and seeing prayers answered. Yvonne is also involved in missions and orphanages in different parts of the world. Her books provide others with inspiration and hope as they journey with Christ. I recently asked Yvonne a few questions about her writing.

What inspired you to write Finding Faith, Hope and Love in a Broken World?

The short answer is COVID. During the pandemic, I felt fearful and worried, and I am a Christ follower. One day, I thought about how others might feel when they did not have Christ. So I started thinking about writing something that might help everyone deal with fears. As I prayed, 1 Corinthians 13:13 kept coming into my mind. Why just address the fears of COVID? Why not tackle all the things that the world is missing out on when they don't believe in Jesus? As followers of Christ, we have faith, hope and love to guide us. So the idea for the book was born.

Why did you begin writing for children?

My first three books were written for adults. Then, as grandchildren came into my life, I shopped for good Christian books for them. I found some, but there seemed only to be a limited selection, so I thought about writing at least one. One day, the whole idea of The Sad Little Wildflower came to me. The premise is about a wildflower that wants to be a rose and is very sad that she is only "a weed." Then one day, she meets the master gardener, Jesus, and He explains she is who He created her to be and that she has a purpose. Ultimately, she figures out her purpose and finds joy in it. I like the idea of teaching the children a lesson that God has a purpose for each of us. I think many children struggle with the concept of identity today. And I used Psalm 127:3 as a basis for the book. As more grandkids came along, I wanted them to learn about their faith from an early age, so I wrote my second children's book called ABCs from the Bible. Like any alphabet book, it teaches words for each letter and some description of the words. In this book, all the words and descriptions are Bible-based. For example, "A is for Angels who guard us day and night." The book is written as a poem.

How did you become involved with world missions and orphanages?

As far as my work with orphans, that started a long time ago. In 1993, our son was born, and he died nine days later. As you would expect, we were devastated. He was our third child. It was a very tough few years. Then one day at church, a group spoke about doing a mission trip to Haiti. My heart skipped a beat as I thought about doing this as a memorial to our son. After much prayer and deliberations, I went on the trip, but my husband did not. Once home from the trip, I realized I felt called to continue the mission work and my husband felt called to join in too. Our first few trips all worked with children but it was not till later that I understood that God wanted us to help with orphans. So starting with our first trip to Kenya, our work all focused on orphans and their needs. And we are still working with them through our charity we set up. We run two orphanages, in Myanmar and Nepal, with about 75 orphans. We also support orphans in India and Pakistan through feeding programs. Finally, after many years of this work, I felt God nudged me to write about these experiences, and that is where my first book idea developed. It is called Turning Mountains into Molehills and is a memoir about our mission work. Once I started writing, God led me to continue and I have not stopped.

What are you writing now?

I have two more books due out this year. One is another children's book but for slightly older children. It is called Mary the Missionary, A Kenyan Adventure. It is the story of a girl going on her first mission trip with her parents. It teaches that we are all equal in God's eyes and we should love everyone no matter how different we are from each other. The second book is called A Gypsy for God, and this is my first adult fiction book. It is about finding our purpose in life no matter how old we are or our circumstances.

You can see more of Yvonne's books and visit her Here:

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