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Updated: Oct 10, 2023

All of Creation - Understanding God’s Planet and How we Can Help

All of Creation

Understanding God’s Planet and How we Can Help

Betsy Painter with Josh Mosey

Zonderkidz, 2023

Hardcover, 192 pages

ISBN 10 0310143438

ISBN 978-0310143437

Reading age 8 - up

Grade level 4-6

As a former home school parent & school librarian I found this book helpful. I like the layout, and important/difficult words are highlighted. There are eleven chapters covering water, endangered species, mountains and minerals, air and sky, woodlands, soil, pollinators, wetlands, coral reefs, the ocean, and the poles & global climate. The book also contains a glossary and links to online resources which, allow you to dig deeper. There are student activities and questions for thoughtful response. This book makes a great starting point for discussions, and I like the idea of different ecosystems offered in one book. Thoughtful text glorifies God as creator and challenges the reader to examine ways of being a good steward of the earth. The illustrations and layout are attractive for children, and even though I prefer a book that’s a little larger in size, I believe this is a good fit for small hands. It’s hard to find good science books that encompass so many topics in one edition, and a lot of thought has gone into this one. For my money, I’d say that this book packs a punch.

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