The Face Of Courage : Edith Cavell 

A Picture Book for Children

Published By The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

Travel with Jemma and Jordan as they explore the old city of Norwich in Norfolk, England. Accompanied by their Nana, they stumble across a solitary grave hidden in the shadows of the towering cathedral. Who is buried there, and what was her story? Nana knows! And to the delight of the twins, their bedtime story just became one of truth, commitment, danger and sacrifice.

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Norwich Cathedral

Coming soon.. Barclay & Berk Builders; a parable

Barclay and Berk are builders, both solid and firm, with bulging biceps. Together they can build just about anything from sandboxes to bike ramps, treehouses and jungle gyms. They do it all. But right now, they each need a house.

I wonder, what they will build next?