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Welcome to the Canadian Page of

Sharing Ministries Uganda 

A registered not for profit orphanage and community support group in Uganda 

And one of you says to them, go in peace with my blessing keep warm and feed yourselves," but he does not give them the necessities for the body,


                              what good does that do? James 2:1 

Happy Irame age 5

My Story

I read Beyond the Sand and the Sea: One Families Quest for a Country to Call Home by Ty Mc Comic. The story is about Asad Hussein, who grew up in the world’s largest refugee camp, and the tremendous efforts he made to attain a country, an education, and a home. Things that we not only take for granted but also feel entitled to. 

The book left me thinking; how many untold stories like Asad's are out there? Would we not gladly sponsor Asad had we known of his plight and predicament or his sincerity and integrity? Many people give to reputable, well-known organizations for this reason.  

I travelled to Malawi with World Vision, worked in local villages, and visited a sponsored child with Compassion Canada in Kenya. Now, I am an ambassador for SMU, an obscure group of young adults working hard and using their time and money to support orphans.  

They have the vision to help with community-wide projects, but because of Covid, many of their projects suffered. Still, twenty-one orphans are being fed and cared for, and each child has high hopes for a bright future and a dream to attend school someday. To donate, please contact me. 

Nabbaale, Patricia 5.jpg

Patricia Nabbaale aged 5

Born on 24th December 2016.  Both parents are alive but in an extremely poor state. Both parents crack stones in a stone quarry. At a very early age, Patricia became a victim of child labour, and an abusive father. In September 2019 when her mother heard about Sharing Ministries Uganda. Patricia loves drawing, and imitating Bible stories

Irame Happy 5.jpg

Namata Peninah Nyabaganda Birthday not known. Assumed to be 5 years, and never started school. Was abundoned by parents, they locked him in a rental house for 2 days and ran away. It was in March 2020, in the first Covid-19 lockdown that we got him from the hands of police.

IMG_20211111_173812_205 (1).jpg

Deogratius Kagimu, 7 

Born August 1, 2014

His mother died giving birth, and his grandmother died in 2018 when his father had gone to work in Asia. He lived with several family members but things failed due to lack of support from father. He started living with Sharing Ministries in Feb. 2019

Nabacwa Harriet 6.jpg

David Kimuli, 5

Born Feb. 15, 2018.

David's parents: Emmanuel and Nassuna both died in a water accident, just two days before Christmas, 2016. Rev. Semakula took care of him until 2018 when he officially handed him over to Sharing Ministries. 

Hirwa Boneri Kimuli David 7.jpg

Boneri Hirwa 7 years

Birthdate and family background not known. Sharing Ministries picked him up from the streets of Minana, where he was starving for days with no food. Sadly, Hirwa is HIV/Aids positive.

Kabuye Alex  16.jpg

Alex Kabuye, 16

Born January 4, 2005.

With his father passed away, Alex was digging gardens with his mother for food. When his mother remarried, his stepdad subjected him to forced labour and harsh treatments. He also has Asthma. His mother handed him over to Sharing Ministries in 2017 due to his worrying health condition, and home environment. Sometimes she is able to visit him and bring food when possible. 

Namigadde Desire 9.jpg

Desire Namigadd,  9 

Born January 10, 2013

Born to a mentally unstable woman who reportedly was raped. Her mother is said to have been bewitched and spends her life on the streets. Desire is intelligent and hard working. 

mumbere, Michael 12.jpg

Michael Mumbere, 12 

Born July 30, 2009. Michael's father died of aids and his mother died of cancer and aids.  Michael is one of three candidates hoping to do his primary leaving examinations this year. 

still harriet, 6.jpg

Harriet Nabacwa, 6 

Born October 6, 2015. With no known father, Harriet is the 7th of eight children. Due to having a big family and no reliable source of income for the mother, they struggle without basic needs and Harriet lived a life of forced child labour. 

Akankunda Merisha. 10 years..jpg

Merisha Akankunda 10 years.

Born August 21, 2011. Her mother is Annet Kirabo & her father, is Johnson Kalegga. She is the youngest of six and comes from a very poor family. Her mother is unemployed, and her father is a low income, a distant worker with many other children. Merisha struggles for basic needs, but she loves education, loves to pray and is shy in the presence of many people. 

Sssenfuka Antony, 12.jpg

Anthony Ssenfuka, 12 

Born May 2009. Anthony's father died in 2014 leaving him with a step-mom. Having been a victim of child abuse, Anthony ran from home and lived on the streets until 2017. Sharing Ministries picked Anthony from the streets, and give him hopes for a better life. 

clever Twashima 6.jpg

Clever Twashima 7 years

Born June 25, 2014. 

When Rev. Amos took some of Sharing Ministries initial children to a better orphanage in Buluma Village, they were able to add five more. Clever was one of them and a child from the streets. Clever has had some medical and eye problems, but we are trusting God to help him recover. 

Mugisha Martin 14.jpg

Martin Mugisha 14

Born May 2007. 

Martin's mother died giving birth, and his father died in 2013. He had started school but quit when his father died. Relatives sold his father's home and neglected him. He lived on the streets and was added to Sharing Ministries in October 2021. He has ulcers, but he's a good athlete. 

Nasejje Babirye 14.jpg

Nasejje Babirye 14

Born July 9, 2007

Nasejje is a twin, Reportedly born to a teenage mother who dumped them in a bag by the roadside and ran away. The twins were raised by their vulnerable grandmother and grew up working and playing on the streets of Buluma. They just recently were added to the group in October 2021. 


Nakato Nabisubi

The twin sister to Nasejje. They share the same history. These two twins love to weave baskets and play Dodge and Score. 

Matia Semmambo 13_edited.jpg

Matia Semmambo

13 years old Birthdate unknown, likely born in 2008.

Matia came to Sharing Ministries from the street in October 2021. He had been working the stone quarries. Many scars and marks on his body indicate that his life hasn't been smooth. 

Hamzah Nybaganda.jpg

Hamzah Nyabaganda

6 years old. He's a brother to Shirat Namawejje. Both of them were born by Abdallah Walusimbi and Namirembe Milliam. They struggle for food and basic needs, and have no support from the father. Their father is polygamous and has many kids, with no reliable income.

tracy 2.jpg

Tracy Mariah Nassozi.

12 years old

Born 16th August 2009. She was blessed to initially have a resourceful dad, who succumbed to HIV/AIDS. Her dad's belongings were taken by the many wives he had. The conflicts brought by the left property left Tracy's mum imprisoned for 3 years until 2015. Tracy as the only mom's child suffered so much during her mother's detention. After prison, they had to start a new life alone, with no single resources left. We struggle together to ensure that She can also have better education

Shirat Namawejje 7_edited.jpg

Shirat Namawejje

Born 4th Feb 2015.

She was born by Abdallah Walusimbi, a Moslem who has 6 wives and Namirembe William, a Christian. Shirat's mom was the fourth wife, struggling with Children's basic needs. Unfortunately, her dad neglected them. Shirat, together with other 2 siblings and their mother work for people to get food. Shirat is now a Christian.


Derrick Tumusiime

12 years. 12 Born January 7, 2010

Brother to Merisha. Their present, the mother is unemployed and the father earns less with a number of other children. They struggle for basic needs and love. They desire education, and Derrick is extremely intelligent in class. 

Agasha Merci.jpg

Merci Agasha 

3 years. Born February 29, 2018

She lives with a mother, who had Merci when she was 17. The dad ran away. 

The mother, Rosemary, left her studies and covid has ruined her life. We share with her, comfort her, support her if possible. We hope to support the Merci. 

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