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 Writer and Author 

Children’s library facilitator and author, Beverley Rayner, knows that books and children are a perfect combination!


Seeing the world through a child’s eyes with wonder and adventure, Beverley believes in the power of story to inspire young lives. She has written magazine articles and online devotionals for Power to Change.


The Face of Courage: Edith Cavell Story is her first picture book. 

Presentations for students from grade 3-7 are 45-60 minutes duration and include a free copy of "The Face of Courage" for your school library. 


   Topics Covered: 


  • A summary of the life of Edith Cavell

  • The work of a writer, editor, graphic artist and publisher.

  • The mission of Voice of the Martyrs and their support for persecuted Christians around the world.

  • Definition of difficult words.

  • An example of commitment under duress from the Bible story of Daniel, when thrown in the lion’s den.

  • Living a life of service and dedication to God.


Beverley has worked in school’s extensively, for the past eighteen years, and have presented literacy talks to district and library staff at the Lethbridge Library conference.


Please contact for possible dates.



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