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Book Presentation 

Author Visits to your school or on Zoom

Books that inspire a Christian commitment and Canadian content take time to find. As a former school librarian, I know this is a challenge. Yet, through the written word, I desire to inspire children that God has a unique calling and purpose for their lives. Presentations include information about writing, graphic design and the many facets of cooperation that go into creating a book.

Zoom meetings from grades 1- 4 

Let's Build a house! What kind of house would you like, and where do we start? 

Barclay and Berk Builders - A Parable

A modern-day story of the wise man who built his house upon the rock Matthew 7:24-27 Why is our foundation in life so important? Is it worth cutting corners? Let's find out what happens when we do!


Zoom meetings from grades 5 - 7 

The Face of Courage: Edith Cavell 

Everyone has a story - What is yours? 

First World War heroine, martyr and servant of God determined to follow Christ at a young age. However, her determination and commitment to God were unwavering when faced with trials later in life. 


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