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James Hensman

Raised in Labrador, Canada, and New Zealand. In NZ, we lived in Hawkes Bay. Both New Zealand and Canada have Indigenous and European populations. The rich patterns in the art of the Maori peoples of New Zealand and the First Nations of Canada have influenced my artistic style with a love for patterns.  I completed my fine arts degree later in life. My strong love of art came from colouring books. As an adult, I attempted to achieve photo-realistic results. My style is now looser, with pattern, and stronger colour.  I often describe my art as ‘towards’ Impressionism. I use acrylics because of their quick drying time and forgiving nature. My efforts result in colourful, playful, and mildly humorous works.

Elsie Archer

Born into an artistic and musical family, Elsie was encouraged to both sing and paint. It was recognized early that she had a singular interest in art and was encouraged to pursue it.

Elsie took her nurses training and became a registered nurse. She moved to the small rural town of Didsbury where she nursed, studied art, married and raised her three children. Elsie began teaching art in 1976, and teaches to this day.

Today, Elsie continues her pursuit of excellence by studying art from some of the best teachers, and by constantly experimenting with new products. Teaching encourages her to keep abreast of new techniques.

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