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A few Beefs!

The past ten years have seen a dramatic shift in the way that books are published and marketed. A one time, self-publishing was considered sloppy product by the traditional publishing industry, but with the rise in online buying, e-books, and hybrid presses, options have increased. Print-on-demand companies have also made the self-publishing route more affordable.

With a background in school libraries, purchasing, cataloguing, and being very aware of my publication options, I'd like to share what I've learned with others. Perhaps you have a passion for writing or a story that you feel God has laid on your heart to share, but are unsure of what direction to take once your manuscript is completed.

Marketing is another huge area where many artists, in general, have a difficult time taking their product to a larger audience. Book distributors are still very essential for increasing visibility and providing another point of purchase.

So what are my beefs with traditional and self-publishing?

My last book, accepted by a traditional Christian publication in the USA, offered me only 30% on each copy for a file that was print ready. This is not unreasonable but becomes a pretty poor return for the efforts of my illustrator and graphic design artist. Most artists hone their craft for the joy of creating but to make some return is still necessary and rewarding. I wanted to pay my wonderful artist friend and contributor. The other problems I ran into were: the cost of postage from the USA, and market price listed by the publisher was too high for a paperback book. Factor in the exchange rate and the book-sell became too unreasonable.

And what about self-publishing? Many self-publishing companies also want to make a large percentage off your work. They have packages galore to sell you, all for several thousand. There is one reputable self-publisher in Canada who is doing an awesome job, but is still very expensive. There isn't a single publisher out there committed to helping Christian writers share their stories.

Now, Bee-Book Press is prayerfully hoping to provide Canadian writers with a platform for consulting and guidance and publication. Our vision is to birth untold stories that will bless the greater Christian community and beyond. Sharing books that inspire, encourage and motivate. With a special emphasis on Children's books, poetry, biographies, and devotionals, Bee-Book Press is here for you.

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