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Tadeo Turtle - Happy in his own Shell

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Janis Cox talks about her writing Journey.

Tadeo (TAHD-ay-OH) Turtle longs to be different. Through an adventure, find out how Tadeo learns to accept how God created him. Plus, there are activities that you can do at the back of the book!

Janis started journaling to learn more about her faith. She is an award-winning author/illustrator of Tadeo Turtle and The Kingdom of Thrim. She has published over ten books under Butterfly Beacons and is a creative catalyst encouraging Christians to learn God’s word through creativity and study. You can reach her at

Where are you from, and what was the determining factor that led you to write for children?

I was born in Toronto, married, and eventually moved to Burlington, Ontario, for 34 years. After retirement, we moved to Haliburton for 16 years. We now live north of Barrie in a small community. I taught public school but also jointly owned a company with my husband. I, therefore, have a background in education and skills in administration.

My faith walk started in 1999 when I questioned why I was on this earth. I had a mediocre Christian upbringing. God led me to a church where I could question and discover Jesus. When I said “yes” to following Him, He led me on quite the journey. I started to journal my questions as I read the Bible. This led to the writing of 150 poems. “What do I do with these?” Again, I was led to sign up for my first Write! Canada conference. It felt like I had found my home.

In 2012, I wrote a poem in my journal about a little turtle. His name was Leroy (not a good name for a turtle, I found out after researching names). I showed it around and had it edited. I wanted to do my own watercolour (God had led me to try painting too). I painted the pictures. And Tadeo Turtle was born.

What are some ways that you promote your books?

I am active on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. I recently republished both books myself on Amazon and now promote them through groups on Facebook and on my page and profile.

Are you working on anything new?

I have a few stories I am working on and more books to help parents teach children to love and study the Bible.

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